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About Minnesota Men's Roller Derby

About MMRD

Founded in 2007, Minnesota Men's Roller Derby holds claim to being one of the largest and most competitive male derby organizations in the United States. With a roster comprised of former hockey players, aggressive inline skaters and competitive jam skaters, MMRD is widely regarded as the definition of a new style of roller derby.

On January 30, 2010 MMRD made history by hosting their first home season at the birthplace of Minnesota Roller Derby: Cheapskate Roller Center in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  Each year the league hosts a home season, a series of bouts designed for the local audience.  In the MMRD off-season, the All Star team known as the Twin Cities Terrors (or TC Terrors) hosts and travels to other MRDA (Men's Roller Derby Association) leagues to compete for national standing.

Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby is an early member of one of the fastest-growing amateur sports in the world, and continues the tradition of exceptional roller derby competition found in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Together with two women’s leagues and two children’s leagues, we are bringing a fresh alternative to professional sports that anyone, given the drive, can be a part of.  

In 2012, the Fresh Meat Locker (FML) was created to help usher in new skaters, helping transition people from putting on their first set of quad skates to true, battle-ready derby superstars.